Reload Multiple Revit Links

I need to reload multiple revit link instance. My problem is that i need to reload from… multiple files from a different location and with different filename.

For instance; we name our files as:
Archi = X_Archi
Plumbing = X_Plumbing

I have a mixed file loaded in my project, the ones with the “X” and the ones without the “X”

I need to reload from those files without the “X”
I cannot remove and relink the file as i already have filters and hide elements set…

I am trying to use this but it’s not working as the filename is different.
My other concern is that we are using a network drive without a letter assigned to it. So if i use the directory path node, i cannot browse to the proper project folder.

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Hi @Revit_Noob,

I advise you to use the Repath RevitLinkInstance node.
It works with a filepath for each linkInstance to reload.


how about the filename? because the file with the x and without the x are in different directories…

if i repath the file without the x to the directory of the file with the x it will not be found…

Sorry, your problem is not clear to me.

1_Identify the linkInstances that you need to repath,
2_Provide a new file path for each linkInstance.

So 2 lists :
List of LinkInstances,
List of filepaths

I have 2 directories, say D1 and D2. Their filenames are the same except that D2 has a “X” prefix.

My linked files consists of both with and without the prefix.
I need to repath those links without the prefix to D2.

Something like this?

Your graph should work.

I will have done something more automatic

For example :

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Thanks so much! will try this one out.
My concern is that our network drive does not come with a letter “c:” or something else.
So when i use the Directory.Path node i cannot browse to the folder.

Problem solved. Thanks so much @Alban_de_Chasteigner for your assistance.

@Alban_de_Chasteigner, one more question, i would like to reload all the links in the same folder.

We upgraded our revit version from 2017 to 2019.
All linked files are currecnt “filename-R17.rvt”, i want them to be repath to the same directory but to the file-R19" files,

how can i do that?


This new issue isn’t related to your original subject and the use of the Repath RevitLinkInstance node and is now a matter of managing lists of filenames.

I’ve already solved your original problem so start a new topic and I will show you how to answer this new question.

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