Can someone please explain what I’m missing here with the input to the Rhythm RevitLinkType.ReloadFrom node?

This is what I’m currently using as the input for revitLinkType:

What are you using for the path?

This was a .rvt file path coming from a D|S UI.FilePath Data node, then input into a D|S UI.MultipleInputForm++.

I’ve since figured it out by using a Repath RevitLinkInstance node instead. Thank you!

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Curious if anyone can give me any pointers on resolving the error above? Maybe @john_pierson ?!?

Are you unloading then trying to reload from? Can you share more of the graph to see inputs?

Hi @JustinStirling
maybe try Genius Loci package and instead reload revit link type node use instead revit link instance.


I tried that package previously and I was getting a different outcome and it still wasn’t performing as I expected. However, I have updated that package, and it seems to be working great now. Thanks for the pointer!