Repath Multiple CAD Links


New to Dynamo and I am attempting to relink approximately 30 CAD links (I know, I know…) in Revit. I have attempted the following screenshot based on some other tutorials, but it does not seem to actually change the paths. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Hello and welcome…you could try something here…

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Thank you for the quick response and the warm welcome! For some reason I cannot find the “FileSystem.GetDirectoryContents” node. Is it a part of the core? or do I need to download another package?

I should note that I am using Revit 2019 for this project - does that matter?

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@adamnims :

That doesn’t pop up for me…

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@adamnims make sure you are using Dynamo 2.0 and above.

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Hi Adam yes…i use the new node for directory, but it should work for you with the old one to…just use importinstance as i show…and it should work :wink:

Thank you all so much! @sovitek, your solution worked great! So good to know that there are friendly folks out there willing to help.


Upon further reflection, it appears that the script took ALL of the CAD links in that folder and linked/ overwrote them into the revit model rather than simply repathing the existing ones… Please see before/after image below (before=left after=right):

Any thoughts?


You have to match your list of imported DWGs with your list of filepaths. The custom node doesn’t do it for you. Use the name of existing DWGs to make this match.

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try something here…