Use to create families in Revit

My weekend fun project:

At the website 3Dbag you can download CityJSON files.

I thought let’s try getting this data into Revit through Dynamo. I started with a way smaller dataset to get it to work.

I can now create families from this dataset. It would be nice to see if some people can help me improve reading the JSON file. I feel like its a bit clumsy at the moment. There is also a bit of python in there that could use a whole lot of improvement. ( the one that turns the xyz’s into surfaces.)

Explanation of the added files:
3DbagToGenericModels7.dyn == for creating the families from the JSON data
3DBagSetSiteLocation2.dyn == Setting up the shared coordinates (It will work without setting it up)
Create Family with params.dyn == if you want to tweak the family
Metric Generic Model 3DBag.rfa change the extension to rft and point to this file from 3DbagToGenericModels7.dyn

If you trey it yourself be sure to set the project to meters and also the family template.

Package dependencies:

3DBagSetSiteLocation2.dyn (71.4 KB) 3DbagToGenericModels7.dyn (125.9 KB) Create Family with params.dyn (47.6 KB) Metric Generic Model 3DBag.rfa (664 KB)


bigger dataset

I can’t figure out how this works yet, do you have further explaination?


sorry I have not seen your message yet. Could you mail me directly so we might have a chat about this in how to get this to work?