FamilyType.By Geometry

Hello all,

I want to create familes from geometry, it seems that the nodes work but in Revit I get nothing.

Do you have any idea ?

Thank you !

Might be a geometry issue. Can you post a data set and RVT to host the results?

I realised that in Revit I get the geometry but very very small, cannot even see it

Guessing that your project or family template is set to feet and your data set is in MM. Scale up the geometry accordingly.

Could also be the feet to meters conversion that has to happen with metric geometry, but at this scale I can’t see that being the route cause.

A data set would help.

When you say data set? what do you need to provide to you ?

The templatePath that I put in the node is Metric Generic model. rft

The .dyn and everything to run it; if you’re using standard templates we’d just need the Revit year. I’m running out of time this week but I’ll try and have a look if you get stuff posted.

The forum did not support the json file that I use in the script

Change the format to .txt and you should be all set.

it is more tha 8MB that the forum allows…

Reduce the data set to a minimal reproducible size, and if it is still too big utilize a 3rd party site such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc…