FamilyInstance.bygeometry error

Hello guys!

I’m trying to use the familyinstance.bygeometry node, however, i’m facing an error:
“Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 121, in NewForm_background
Typeerror: expected Solid, got mesh”

does anyone have any clue of what is that?

It’s probably a problem with the family template. Which one are you using?

Are you on revit 2022?

generic model

YES! it is revit 2022

Then try synthezise toolki……family insert

The data type you’re passing into the geometry node is mesh geometry, but this node requires a solid.

You might be able to convert the mesh to a solid directly, but without knowing exactly what geometry you’re dealing with we can’t resolve directly. A direct shape may be a better solution, but that will not work as a standard revit family.


Yes didnt see it was a mesh if so you could
Try as Jacob say mesh to directshape or build your mesh up with tk meshtool from spring and then import as native family with synthezise

yeah, exactly that guys! thank you, the geometry became a mesh idk why, I was the whole time working with solids, but I think due to the complexity, it became a mesh, the problem is that direct shape doesn’t come with any data, I have to set volumes, areas and etc…not a big problem, but I’m working with assemble systems (also from autodesk) and this software cannot read direct shape so good as revit families.

anyway, I appreaciate your time I already changed my routine to direct shape

A direct shape in the context of a new family might be a better solution then as it would allow associating parameters to said family; it’d take some direct code efforts but the assemble team may be able to help out.