Upgraded to Revit 2019 has nerfed my Dynamo scripts

I did have a working Dynamo script in the previous version, (enclosed), but with upgrading to Revit 2019 has thrown up some issues which I’m not sure how to rectify.

Can anyone help please?

Pile-Auto-Number-with-Spline Add Numbers.dyn (16.5 KB)

Can you give a brief description of how the script is meant to work, and a sample model for testing?

Without these, the only thing I could do was replace the ‘family types’ node with the new one (they look the same, but I think it needed replacing anyway).

If you are unable to share a test model, my advice is to review all lacing behaviour that is set to ‘auto’. Lacing assumptions change quite a bit in Dynamo 2.X builds vs. 1.X.

I’ve had a play around with the script as the Geometry.BoundingBox was causing the error and needed to be replaced with Element.BoundingBox instead. It seems to have resolved the issue