Upgrade dynamo in revit 2017 😣

Man i have been trying to install dynamo 2.0 in my revit 2017 for days now :persevere:
1st problem- on dynamobim.org/download , DYNAMO REVIT asks to click a link DYNAMO BUILDS and find the revit versions fo4 2017-2018. But the link shows a list of 3 types of dynamo versions “coreruntime2.0” “dynamoinstall2.0.exe” “dynamorevit2.0.exe” which file do i need here?

2nd problem- when i use Dynamoinstall2.0.exe or dynamorevit2.0.exe, the dynamo in manage tab of revit doesn’t have any nodes on the left side. And its just frustrating. I found similar problems with other users on this forum but i swear nothing helped :persevere:

I so exhausted, i just need data-shapes and its teasing me so much. Please help

for which build to install, install the latest 2.0.X build for revit 2017,2018,and 2019. See screen below.

As for your nodes disappearing, make sure you did a clean installation on whatever dynamo application is appearing on your control panel, and also if needed, empty all your package directories as well. Then install back the latest 2.0.x build.

If the issue still persist, it is due to your add-in installed, the dependency packages might be out of date or too new that is causing clashes with dynamo. So try and disable addin and see how it goes.

IF THE ISSUE STILL PERSIST AGAIN! then, i got nothing i can do to help you already :smiley:

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Thanks for replying. Where are package directories?
And how do i disable add-ins?

package directory at your appdata location.

%appdata%\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit

disable addin by just removing their .dll into another tempt location that the revit cant read

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Omg it worked :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thankyou. You are awesome.

Now do i need to move the addins back to its original directory or not?

I would move them back 1/2 at a time until you find which one is causing the conflict. That add-in will either need an update or you will need to go without it.

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Yeah okay. Thanks for replying.
But this only worka with dynamo 1.3, and whatever i do, i see no nodes in dynamo 2.0. (Working in revit 2017 may be thats why?)

Can you post an image of what you are seeing?

Although im trying to work without the list of nodes, but it’s reallt frustrating.

Are you on the most updated version of Revit 2017? Specifically 2017.2.5? If not update Revit to the current build.

If that doesn’t work disable all your add-ins.

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I ve disabled all addins already.
The version is 17.0.416 as shown in front of programs and features.

maybe you can show the console, and see what error is causing it.

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go update your revit 2017 to this:

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That is service pack one. You’re missing quite a few updates.

If after updating you still don’t have a library please post a Revit journal and Dynamo log.

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