Updating my package, help!

Hey everyone,

So I have not updated my MEPover package in a long time, but after almost 2 years I actually made some new nodes the past couple of weeks and now I want to publish them. The thing is that Revit keeps crashing every time I try to update my package. Obviously this has worked in previous versions of Dynamo and it ought to be rather straight forward right?
I open Dynamo, go to ‘Publish New Package’ and then fill in the form. The thing is that it freezes whenever I select all the files I want to include or select a directory containing all those file. So I try to use either of these 2 options:

But the files never show up in the ‘Package Contents’ window because it freezes and crashes. If I select just a single file then it does show up with freezing, but obviously I do not want to select every file separately :slight_smile:

Anybody else experience this or has tips?

Oh and what does the ‘Node Library’ checkbox do?

Generally I go via the packages installed area which will give you an option to publish online. This typically seems to round up all my files for Crumple and the package customization dll, just need to ensure the version is higher than previous on the manager.


Hello @T_Pover

I don’t know if you managed to convert all your dyf nodes, but it is likely that the old node architecture in xml format (instead of json) is no longer supported (to be confirmed by the DynamoTeam)

Ah yes, that triggered my memory, that’s how I always used to update them, thanks Gavin :slight_smile:
It still freezes though if I select and try to add all the files from the package, but I managed to make it work by only selecting and adding the new nodes.


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Thanks Cyril,

I did a check but they all seem to be in JSON format already luckily :slight_smile:

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I tend to publish from Dynamo 2.12. It has proved to be the most stable for me and it “helps” with that annoying error:
“This package uses a newer version of Dynamo”


Once every so often a post comes along that has me wishing for a second account so I can use the like button again. This is one of them.


Thanks for the tip John, downloaded that version to my pc right away :slight_smile: