Updating multiple Revit models shared coordinates

Looking for some help to automate a process of opening multiple linked models to alter the project coordinates based on new information. So the long story is we had a surveyor place the original building on the sight and the provided the coordinates and the angle to true north… well come to find out the building is actually rotated at a slightly different angle but we are far enough along that we have multiple models now all linked into the original model by shared coordinates and need to do a manual process of re-orienting all of them to the updated shared coordinates. We have a process down now that we know works but is all manual and would like to automate the steps of unlinking and breaking the old coordinates system then linking in new blank model with the updated coordinates then saving and closing etc. etc. any one ever done anything like this before? Thanks!


I wouldn’t want to direct you away from a Dyamo solution as I am also curious how coordinates could be managed through Dynamo however…

When I have had this kind of process, the fact that coordinates are Shared should mean that you update (probably the site model) which pushes updated coordinates to the linked files.

I wouldn’t see a need for linking in ‘new blank models’… At most you should just click on the linked file, on it’s properties you’ll see ‘Shared Site’ and you can 'Move instance.

I hope that helps,


No that’s fine, I think we figured it out that dynamo does not have the ability to acquire coordinates. But with that being said, the way that we have found out that works best is to prevent hosted items from breaking and other things like tags from breaking is the biggest issue. Thanks for the help though it’s greatly appreciated!



I’m not 100% sure if this is what you’re after, but acquiring coordinates is available in Dynamo via Python (in Revit 2018 and above); see this post here: Is it possible to Automate Revit's Acquire co-ordinates? - #2 by awilliams