Shared coordinates within Dynamo

Hi everybody,

I’m having an issue within Dynamo. I’ve linked a MEP model to a Structural model. I’ve linked them by Shared Coordinates.
I’ve used “Categories” and “Element.Geometry” nodes in order to represent the geometry of the structural elements. And that’s fine.

But when I asked to Dynamo to show me the MEP elements by using “Get Documents”, “Element.GetFromLinkedFile” and “Element.Geometry” nodes, the MEP elements are not aligned with the structural model.
I think that Dynamo doesn’t understand that my models are linked by shared coordinates…

Do you have any idea about solving this issue? Does it have to be linked “Origin to Origin” to make it work? Do I need to create a process which will translate all the MEP elements to make them aligned with the structural model?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Ghislain Quenet

Hi Ghistian,

Can you post screen shots of the graph, please post a readable image or upload files (or download link).

I think this is the answer to your “issue”

Hi Kulkul,

So this is what I have when I link the MEP mnodel to the structural model.

This is what I do within Dynamo: I distinguish the rectangular from the round ducts of my linked model and I ask to Dynamo to show me the geometry of these elements (orange elements).
But as you can see, the MEP elements seem to be translated (or moved) on the left (see the red arrow on the second picture).

And what I was saying is that, when I was doing a link Origin to Origin, my MEP model was translated from the structural model as it is for the Dynamo geometry of my MEP elements. But when I do a Shared coordinates link, my models are perfectly aligned (as you can see on the 1st picture) but the Dynamo geometries are still translated or moved… It’s like Dynamo wasn’t understanding that my linked document is linked by shared coordinates.

Hi Jesper,

I think this seems to work with the “Collector.LinkedInstanceElements” node.

Thank you for your answer.


@Dimitar_Venkov I have adapted some of your code into a new Bakery node:
Get Transform CoordinateSystem from Link Instance

This outputs the native Revit transform, and the converted CS for Geometry.Transform.

Thanks mate.


Is there a way to link a document with dynamo (or a list of links) by shared coordinates? I cannot find a method that allows me to specify loading by shared coordinates:

This is actually two different actions in the API.

You need to create a new RevitLinkType first:

Then you can create a RevitLinkInstance with whatever import options you want (shared coordinates):

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You can use the LinkModel.SharedCoordinates node in Morpheus package.


With Dynamo, is there a way to obtain the shared coordinates of a link, and then apply them to the host model prior to inserting the link into host model? I’m assuming doing this may resolve the following error, yes/no?


My goal is to have a graph that can recognize if a link is using shared coordinates and use the LinkModel.SharedCoordinates node to insert the link, but if the link is not using shared coordinates it would use the LinkModel.OriginToOrigin node instead.

You could use the Get Project Locations node to compare the base point and survey point positions of your linked files to those of your host file.

(It’s probably better to start another topic because this one is rather old.)