Updating Dynamo Core

Hello guys,

I saw that video on YouTube.

Would you recommend to update Dynamo Core like he explained?

Thank you!

personally, I wouldn’t.

But this sums it up pretty well:


Nah, he’s crazy. Don’t do it.

:sweat_smile: lol, that’s my video.

But, to summarize, I would say to not do that with the expectation that it will work for production work. It is meant for testing the new features in Revit primarily. As a package developer I have found that when new core releases come out, I need to check them against my tools in Revit as well. That video was a result of me trying to figure out how to do that easily.


Thanks guys for replies :smiley:
I just hope to get search function like in 2.0.3 because it is too bad on 2.3 :s

Well… Not a great solution and it may not be an option, but you can upgrade to Revit 2021.

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Or download monocle for Dynamo 2.0.x and up and it includes simple search.

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