Updating already created element parameters (Via Dynamo)


We used a Dynamo script developed in house to place a couple of hundred beams. Each beams have a Mark number. Now the designer changed some dimension parameters of these beams. And we need to update these parameters. What is the best way to update specific parameters e.g. Length, size1, size 2 based on the primary key Mark Number parameter.

I have attached the

  1. The excel file we used to place these beams in their XYZ Coordinates,
  2. Dynamo Script we originally used to place these beams the first time,
  3. The Revit Family of the Structural Framing Member

  1. Smoke Duct OB.xlsx (701.5 KB)
  2. Beam Placement with CrossSection Rotation & Sructural Material.dyn (112.8 KB)
  3. SMD_DAMPER PANEL.rfa (804 KB)