How to Change Existing Beam Sizes in Revit Model with New Beam Sizes Using Excel List


I am trying to change existing beam sizes in my Revit model based on an Excel spreadsheet that has new beam sizes. I am getting an error message that will not allow me to change item 23 from a W44x335 to a W21x44. Can some please explain to me how to change the existing beam sizes in my model to the new sizes within my spreadsheet. It would be helpful if you could provide screenshots to assist me with this.

Thank you!



If you’re only getting this warning for that specific instance then I’d imagine your Dynamo graph is working fine and this is a Revit issue. Try manually in Revit changing that specific instance to the new type and see if you receive the same error; perhaps the position/location/joining condition of that instance doesn’t agree with the new type you are trying to change it to for some reason.


Thank you for your reply. I have only changed the steel beam size of one element that I mentioned in my original post. I am not having any issue changing the size in my model when I am not running Dynamo. The “FamilyType.ByName” node is assigning random element id’s that are highlighted green in the image below. The element id’s within “Element.SetParameterByName” are the actual elements in my Revit model. Is there a way to assign the correct element id’s to “FamilyType.ByName” so that it can be read correctly into “Element.SetParameterByName”?



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Hi Phillip,

I have run into the same problem. I can’t find the right solution for this… How can these IDs be matched to be able to modify the parameters of a list of Revit elements from an Excel list?
Thank you.