How to Select Beam Size Within "Element.GetParameterValueByName"

I can not figure out how to create a list of only beam sizes using the “Element.GetParameterValueByName”. Can someone please explain to me how to create a list for only the beam sizes? I am trying to create a list in Dynamo that can be exported to Excel that has the beam number in one column and the beam size in the other. (See image)


image might get you started

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That worked! Thanks for the quick reply. I was able to export it to excel but the beam numbers did not come in beside the beam size. Do you know why this happened?



You need to catch the keys of the items for that :slight_smile:

Or you can simply use a code block with this content


What were elems is your elements

I got it thanks a lot!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
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I am now trying to change the beam size within my excel spreadsheet and load that back into Dynamo so that it changes the beam size in my Revit model. Things are starting to get complicated and the image below is what I have so far but it is not working properly. Thank you for your help!

Be careful reading and writing to the same file in the same graph, secondly, make sure it is the elements which you are feeding the Setparam node.
Also maybe throw in a codeblock with this:


where waitfor is a dummy value (e.g. your data output of writetofile node) and “pass” is the value which is held until it recieves the dummy input. This way you can tell the graph to only set the paramaters after another action have occured.

I changed the File Path to open a different Excel file that has the same format as the original one but it contains some new beam sizes. It appears to be reading in the file successfully but not overwriting the sizes within my model. I am feeding the SetParameterByName node the elements that are in my model. Can you please help me figure out how to overwrite the existing sizes with the new sizes in my excel spreadsheet?


The warning that I am receiving says the following: “Warning:Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. No parameter found by that name.”

This is because you actually do not want to ‘‘only’’ change the ‘‘name’’ you want to change the family type for the element :slight_smile: