Revit Beam/Column Sizes, Coordinates, and Beam/Column Numbers to Excel Using Dynamo

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I am new to Dynamo and was wondering if anyone can help me develop a Dynamo script. I have created a very basic Revit model of a steel framed building. Is there a way to use Dynamo to export the nodal coordinates of all the steel beams and columns to an excel spreadsheet? Can you also help me export all of the steel beam and column sizes associated with the nodal coordinates to excel? Lastly, is there a way to export the beam and column numbers for each member to excel?

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This is all pretty straight forward if you can get your list management under control. You would just

  • Get all beams and columns in the project (Categories / All Elements of Category)
  • Get all necessary parameter values from those elements (GetParameterValueByName - list levels will likely be needed)
  • Make sure data is formatted in a way that can be exported to Excel (if your list levels are set up properly this should already be the case)

Just as a reminder it’s always good to include an identifier like Id or Name when exporting to Excel.

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Thanks for the reply. It would be helpful to have a screenshot of the Dynamo interface showing the commands to get me started with this task.

Try working them out on your own first. If you run into issues you can post them with screenshots here.

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So far I have been able to select all of the beams in my model but they are not listed per level. Can you help me figure out how to list the beams at each level?

You need to use “Reference Level” not just “Level”.

The “Reference Level” helped me create a list that has the beams at each level. It shows the 2nd level framing as 0 List and then the beam sizes associated with that level similar to what is shown in the image above. The 3rd level is defined as 1 List and then the beam sizes for that level and so on. How do I create another list that sorts the beam numbers and sizes with their associated level into individual columns so that it can be exporting into excel? The excel file would contain two columns. The first column would be the beam number and the second column would be the beam size associated with the beam number at a particular level. I really appreciate your time.

You need to get those two parameter values (beam number and beam size). Then make sure your data is sorted by row, ie. sublists represent a row with data in each column.

I think I am almost there. I can not figure out how to create a list of only beam sizes using the “Element.GetParameterValueByName”. Can explain to me how to create a list for only the beam sizes?

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