Updated Package Compatibility with Old Revit/Dynamo Versions

I’m trying to find out if the current/latest package versions for the below are compatible with Dynamo 2.0.4 (Revit 2019) or if we should be sticking to the last package that doesn’t give a compatibility warning.

archi-lab.net - 2021.25.2721
BumbleBee - 2021.25.3
Data-Shapes - 2021.2.94
DyanStandard - 1.1.0
Monocle - 2021.4.1
Rhythm - 2021.4.2
spring nodes - 203.1.0

I believe the above should be compatible unless they are dependant on API changes for later Dynamo versions? Alternatively, how/where is the best place to contact the developers directly?

Opening a Github issue is usually a good way:

archilab :point_right: GitHub - ksobon/archilab: this is archi-lab.net dynamo repo
BumbleBee :point_right: GitHub - ksobon/Bumblebee: Excel interop for Dynamo
Data-Shapes :point_right: GitHub - MostafaElAyoubi/Data-shapes: code for revit, dynamo
DyanStandard :point_right: GitHub - brencass/DynaStandard_public: This Dynamo extension was developed to create a Dynamo content library to help distribute this content to all, have easy access to graph(s) templates and any standard documentation related to dynamo.
Monocle :point_right: GitHub - johnpierson/MonocleForDynamo: This is the repository for the Monocle View Extension for Dynamo
Rhythm :point_right: GitHub - johnpierson/RhythmForDynamo: A collection of nodes for use in Dynamo with Revit.
spring nodes :point_right: GitHub - dimven/SpringNodes: A collection of Dynamo nodes

For Rhythm and Monocle (I publish these) I will save you the trouble of going to the respective Github pages.

With both of them, you should be good using the latest versions as they are built for compatibility from Dynamo 2.0.4 (Revit 2018) - 2.1.0 (Revit 2022)

NOTE: I cannot specify compatibility for other packages that are no my own. Maybe someone else can chime in, but the lowest version of Revit I am usually in is 2021

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John, thank you so much for going through the effort of linking the github repo’s! I’ll head on over there and see if I can find a similar question or ask a new one

My current project is still in 2019 as are quite a few others in our place. I’ll eventually get to Revit 2021 in about 3 years or so

I know that feeling all too well! :slight_smile: When I was at a firm, we had projects that were quite a few versions back.

Nowadays I am in those old versions, but it is primarily for Revit plugin development. So it is a quick open and close. :sweat_smile: :

It’s a day long affair for me! I’ll catch up eventually…