Update view template to match master project template in multiple files

Hi All,

I am a very new Dynamo user trying to make a script that will copy all view templates from a new file into all Revit files within a specific folder (including subfolders).

I feel as though I am halfway there. I have a script that opens all .RVT files and saves them but it doesn’t seem to be copying the view templates in the middle.

As such I suspect my issue will be somewhere within or to the right of the ‘views to update’ group. Any help, feedback or advise would very much be appreciated but please remember I’m just a newbie so go easy on me.


Welcome to the forum, your IF statement need a boolean.
You give him a view as input.

KG, Jan Willem

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Thanks JW.
I had a play with the ‘IF’ node but the script still does not work. Is this the right node to tie the 2 processes together or is there something better suited for this?

I would say the if node is node is not correct. The logic your missing is the copy from current to background.