Transfer View template from one project to another

Hi all,

I have a lot of models that needs to be checked for quality, wall types, wall names etc…

What I want to do is the following: I have one good model with all correct ellement, views and view templates. I want to “transfer” the view template from the correct model to all other rvt files. Is there a way to do that?
I googled a lot, but no succes. your help would be appreciated.

You should be able to get everything you need with Transfer Project Standards. Just remember to get Filters too.

You could use Dynamo to transfer the View Filter overrides though.

Thanks for your reply Nick, I tried that…but have little knowlege of how to do it in Dynamo…Anyway…I started to creat a view filter in Dynamo to apply on my views…

I have some defficulties with that to…

anyway thanks

I was suggesting you do it manually. How many projects do you need to check? And I assume you’ll have to open each model to check anyway right? So there’s not really an extra step. Or are you trying to run the checks in a background document?

More information would be helpful.

well…I have thousands of models to check…I have to check all the walls for functionality… I want to creat new views (multiple levels) and apply filters to them so I can check by colour and where needed alter the family…

But are you automating the checks or do you have to open each model, look for problematic areas, then alter the family? If you have to open each model anyway manually transferring view templates is an option. I agree it’s not as good as doing it through Dynamo, but I don’t know if that’s even possible. There’s an EventArgs class for Transfer Project Standards but last I heard running the command wasn’t available in the API.

Your other option is to export all the view template data from your good project to Excel. Then use that data to recreate the same template in the other projects. However this is likely a lot of information that would be slow to transfer, especially to thousands of models. This is why I think you’d have more luck manually transferring view templates via project standards. Someone else may have a better solution though. I’ve never tried transferring a view template with Dynamo.

You right that I can transfer project data. But through Dynamo I am able to create views with the correct view names, etc. The only thing that I need is to distinguish the walls by 'type parapeter: Function" and apply a color. I have created the filter, added it to a view, but I can’t succeed in applying a color, pattern to the filter. I dont know what I am doing wrong…maybe you can have a look at that…I would really appreciate that.

There are out of the box nodes for creating and modifying view filters.

Tnx Nick. That did the job.