Applying a View Template to multiple views

I was hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction (or point out my error).
I am just starting out in Dynamo, and am trying to automate the project set up.
One step that I cannot solve is the simple task of applying a view template to multiple views.
The script I have created (using other scripts as examples) does not work, however, it also does not return any error.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Using Dynamo
Thank you

I think the List.FilterByBooleanMask should be wired to All Elements of Type instead of the Get parameter value by name.

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@Revit_Noob is correct. You are feeding a list of strings into the node currently when it’s looking for view elements. You can tell when you have actual Elements when there is the green box with the Element ID in it show in the results drop down.

Thank you.
The problem has been solved.
However, when I wired the script as per @Revit_Noob suggested, I still did not get the desired result.
But then, replacing the two nodes that are in the red box with nodes in the green box (and keeping Revit_Noobs suggestion), it worked.
Unsure why? Let me know if you have any ideas.


It’s likely that the version in the red box fails as your view template likely isn’t "ST_VE Plan_100", but ST_VE Plan_100 with no quotes. Since you’re using a string node instead of a code block, there is no need for the quotations.