Replace View Templates

Hi there,

I am stuck at an interesting point, where I am trying to bulk update my View Templates in my revit file.
I have Site Plan VTemplate for Site plans, Area plan VTemplate for Area Plans and so forth.
Now, I want to update a few items in my View Template, So I decided i could create new View Templates in a dummy project and load that into the all the revit files. But, it is instead of replacing or Overriding them, it is creating a duplicate.
Is there a way I can replace those VTs with the new ones? They all have the same name.
I have tried a couple of methods but didn’t work.

I tried finding the views associated with older VTs and delete those VTs and applying the new VTs to them but somehow this thought didn’t work out. Coudn’t place the exact VTs to Exact views.

Can someone please assist. Thanks a ton !!