Update Family Type from other Family Type

Hi All,

I’ve got an untidy project file where families have been loaded multiple times, so for example I have 3 versions of the same family, with different types that have been made…


  • Type 1
  • Type 2


  • Type 3


  • Type 4

I’m looking to make a graph to consolidate these. My thought was to (manually initally) create a duplicate type and then push parameters from one type to another.

For some reason it is failing, but I don’t get any errors, would anyone be able to help?

It’s possible the answer is here, but the image won’t enlarge! Type Parameters of Families



Project1.rvt (1.5 MB)
Family Type Parameters Duplicate.dyn (43.9 KB)

Mark, Not sure if you worked this out in the last year, but I will bring this back from the dead because I am working through this similar situation. I think after the test for if parameter has value, the out port of the Filter By Bool Mask should be used instead of the In port as the false values would be the parameters that do contain info and the true would have no value. Thoughts?

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Ah, I should have followed further before staking a guess, the Element.GetParameterValueByName returned no values as well, therefore it wouldn’t set values either. I guess I missed the issue in your post. My bad. Although, This is a way to gather the values. Now to see if it can be set.

EDIT: Success! For anyone following along at home, here is the process that worked for me on a single pair of detail items. Of course this will be adapted for the whole list of detail item pairs/groups and any other duplicated families.

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Thanks Mark, I’ll have a look when back at a PC :slight_smile: