Element Type.Duplicate

Im working on creating multiple family types, and I searched the forums, then I found FamilyType.Duplicate node, but it turns out I’ve successfully created the family types, but the value isn’t what I want(Pic1), I thought the node can create the family type as well as the values I’ve tried using Element.SetParameterByName, but it gives me nulls(pic2),any suggestions?thank in advance!!!



what is the warning?

and what are you feeding into the value?

The warning is the “parameter’s storage type is not a string”
Im trying to create columns through 2d lines first get closed curves from the model, then get the length and width value from the closed curves, then make them into “axb” so that I can create family types, I feed the list.firstitem which is the width I got from the rectangular curve, thanks for the help again:grin::grin:

Convert your string to a number and see if that works.

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it works!!! many thanks!!

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