Update 2 - MTEXT ... Rotation?

Update 2 for Dynamo for Civil3D is out - Awesome. Keep those updates coming. I’ve been itching to have an MTEXT node and now we have it.

… But unlike the TEXT node, there’s no port for Rotation?

And you can’t turn on the background mask?

Am I missing something?


@suraky you can transform the objects after the creation


Thanks Paolo, I had a hunch that Transform might do it, came back to share how I did it and you beat me to it :slight_smile:

The background mask is what I was really looking forward to with MTEXT, but even without, Update 2 will streamline my user’s experience.


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Wow, so the rotation works fine … but you can’t set the text height like we can with TEXT. I suppose I’ll see if transform can handle that with scaling, rather than making my users set it (or the default style) manually

@suraky I don’t mean to be rude, but please, before posting a question look into the nodes…


Thanks Paolo, I appreciate your help. However, MText.SetHeight does not change the text height. It does the same thing as the height input port on Mtext.Create … changing the height of the text box, not the text within.

… I could spend all day listing off inconsistent and vague names and descriptions like this that I’m sure we all fall into.

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… so ultimately, instead of just using some simple ports on Mtext.Create to use a rotation and an actual text height, at my insertion points, I’ve had to create the mtext at the origin, and use object.transform with coordinatesystem.scale, coordinatesystem.rotate, and coordinatesystem.translate to modify the mtext objects.

And I spent a lot of time trying to make the adjustments with the mtext created at the insertion points first and failing - probably because I don’t know enough about coordinatesystem objects, but maybe because so many of the coordinate system nodes only work relative to the Origin, not the base point of the object, or a base point that I can set.

This isn’t really a complaint or rant, I know I need to learn. This is a call for real reference material with full detailed descriptions of what the nodes and their ports actually do so that I don’t have to keep guessing.