Dynamo Player Revit 2018.3 No input Option

I am trying to use the dynamo player in Revit2018.3 but my Dynamo player does not even give me the option to edit inputs. I have already assigned the “Is Input” to the nodes I want to be inputs. why is this? Do I need to update Dynamo or something as well? See Reference Pictures Below.


FYI, Dynamo 1.3.4 should be the latest version for 2018 however I’m not seeing it on Dynamo Builds anymore.

Regardless, I believe the Player updates were with Revit 2018.1. You may have skipped some updates at some point and “missed” the Player installs. Unfortunately with Player I think you have to do a full Revit re-install or hope that a repair does the trick. Been a while since I’ve dealt with 2018 so I may have missed something though.

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That is kind of what I was assuming as well. I remember doing some weird stuff with updates a couple years ago so I probably messed up there. Yeah I am just going to have to work around by doing a refresh in the dynamo I guess then. I also do not enjoy 2018. We just have some big projects we are scared to upgrade so have to go back to 2018 every once and a while unfortunately.

Thank for your time and the response.