Units problems

Hello everyone! Here is a trouble: Im trying to calculate airflow supply by space volume and air change rate.
Dynamo gets volume correct, and after multiplying value is correct (173). But when im trying to set this value to parameter (specified supply airflow), it returns isome wierd number. Its all on screenshots (russian strings changed to english). My main thought - voume is m^3, airflow is m^3/h.
I will appreciate any help

You need to convert units to ft3/s.

But how? I cant find such thing in dynamo convert node.

1 m3/s = 35,3147 ft3/s
that will be a codeblock for multiplication

Wait. In Russia we have m^3/h as main airflow unit.
Dynamo get volume in cubic meters, so result on watch node is correct (in cubic meters).
So i dont need to convert anything to anything. I guess problem is at last node, when it set parameter value.

Hi @b.fedonin

Show preview here:


Volume is 22,266 m^3, air changing rate is 5. All correct here