Issue setting CFM

I’m trying to set air terminal CFM from a spread sheet. The watch on the far left shows that it should be setting it to 150, but it is actually setting it to 9000 CFM. I don’t know how that is happening. Any ideas? This is my first Dynamo script I’ve made from scratch so it might be inefficient or backwards. I eventually what this to work for all spaces but I decided to test it on one room. My plan is to make a similar one that works with systems instead of room for cases where there are more than one heat pump per area.

Internal units. Revit actually stores the parameter as cubic feet per second (I guess?) so the value is multiplied by 60. There are a few nodes that will get parameter values with the Revit units, or you can always include the conversion in your graph yourself.

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AHHH thanks, I actually new that it was 60 times larger but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. For now I just added another divide node.

That’s usually what I do. If your units ever seem funny, just set their value to 1 and check what the conversion is. Usually that will give you a clue as to the internal units as well.