Mechanical Parameters COnversion

Hi All,

I am using dynamo for inserting a mechanical equipment family into a revit file. In the same time I am using Dynamo for changing parameter values of the inserted family which. All new values Dynamo reads from an excel file.

What I’ve noticed is that mechanical parameter values e.g. flow, pressure etc once pushed into the revit family are assigned different values from those in the script and everything gets pear-shaped.

I wonder is this to do with default units that revit recognises at dynamo level regardless of what units are used in the project . This would explain this unnecessary unit conversions. For example :
if I set Pa( Pascal) as the unit for pressure in the project unit dialog ,and push the value of 100 into a pressure parameter of mechanical family via Dynamo, in revit I get 328 Pa as the value for that parameter which is really odd.

Is there anyone in the dynamo community who has come across a similar problem ?

Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.


Hello Vlada,

There are already a couple of posts about this topic on the forum. They will probably help you out:

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Thanks T_Pover,

Much appreciated.

I am looking to use a python script which KulKul posted on one of the similar blogs . I will also try the node within MEPover package.

Will post results here.

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