Underline letters

I’m wondering if it’s possible to write a letter that is underlined in Dynamo (for a pop-up).

Ctrl+U does not work.
Cutting and pasting an underlined letter does not work.

Any ideas?

For a pop-up dialog?
Use your escape code for underlining.


Will underline u.

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Doesn’t work, it prints


I’m in R21 which still has ironPython.

Is this for a dialog box?
What form are you using? Winforms? pyRevit?

I was hoping it’d work in Dynamo for Datashapes input and for a windows pop-up too.

I’d like a way to directly put it in Dynamo

For DataShapes, you would have to dig into the code and do it at the Python level.
The input on DataShapes is just going to interpret the incoming string as literal.

Guessing you would need to format it at the Winform level.

See above… Does not work in Python in Dynamo. :expressionless: