Prompt user for a string

Is there a way to prompt a user for a string value when running a Dynamo Graph. I found something for prompting for a point, but not a string.

Example: Replacing the string with a prompt in my Hello World on DynamoThoughts.

Maybe in design script or python?

Any thoughts?

Check this out:

Also a thread here:


This may be just what I am looking for. Let me give that a try.


Hi @bdebevc,

this works great. just keep in mind that the pop-up window of the UI sometimes is set behind the Revit window.
I’m using this standard in all my scripts now.

Kind regards Mike

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@bdebevc @Mike_Wellink I have something similar that’s part of a bigger project,
but thought it could be helpful to package it.
Just published it to the package manager as DynamoFormInput
There is simple text input and a Dropdown input, which is helpful for selecting an option out of a set.
It’s always-on-top and centered, and has some options for default values and custom prompt text.



HI @Mike_Wellink ,

If you update the package to version 2016.11.15 you won’t have the issue of the form staying on the background. It has been changed to stay on the forefront. Also, it now accepts more input types (all sorts of revit selection and drop down lists). I posted an article about this update:


NICE!!! Thanks for the update @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi.
I’m going to update the package right now!


As a side note: I hope sometime along the line of Dynamo development they (Autodesk) will implement an Package auto-update function. I have your package installed and want Dynamo to keep track of all updates since I installed your Package.
So I allways have the latest installed. This manual tracking of updates is a bit pre-historic if you know what I mean. :wink:


Wow, this is a fabulous little node. I am an old Autolisp programmer and getting user input was really easy and with Dynamo not so much. Especially when you want to pause in the middle of a routine to ask for further input. So this was nice to have and should really be a built in node.Thanks a ton !

Any suggestions on how I can combine this with writing a new excel-file and letting the user ‘choose’ the file name and location? I’m still pretty new at this…

@Laura_POLO typically with a thread this old your question should be a new thread linking to this one for reference. Also including any attempt on your end shows effort and will encourage others to assist.

If you haven’t, please review this thread:

That being said I will provide a few images for assistance, if you have further questions make a new thread with sample files and your description of the desired end state.

I would also suggest you read the blog post (it has pretty much all you need to get started, that’s how I started. Thanks @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi for the documentation) referenced above and here:

This is one way to ask for a file name and make sure it has the proper file format prior to writing data via one of the many write to excel nodes. (Hint: some nodes may require the file to exist and some may allow creation of the file with the file name.)

The Inputs can be grouped together in a list of inputs for a single dialog box, or you would have to use multiple MultipleInputForm++ nodes to have subsequent dialog boxes asking for different information at different times.

There are so many good nodes, open up the package in dynamo and start placing them and reading the descriptions.

Thank you,

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