Unable to Tag Generic Model Cube from Architectural Model

Good morning. I am new to Dynamo and jumping in head first. I have created a few simple working scripts. Here is a little backstory. An Architect we are working with created these Generic Model Unit Cubes in each unit and added the unit information to them INSTEAD of creating Room Definitions and this is what they want us to use to signify their units.

At one point they created room definitions but recently removed them again after we went through and tagged their units. I now have to go back and retag all these cubes on 28+ different views. Tag All in view isn’t working, even with the link underlay unchecked so I decided to try to use dynamo.

The script sees all Generic Models with the type called STANDARD but I get more than the Unit Cubes. The family name is called 00-Unit Info but I couldn’t figure out how to filter to that. However, the script does not tag any of the cubes in any of the views when ran. I tried taking some of the nodes from a tag all rooms script I have for the currently active level but that didn’t work either.

I get this info at the Create Annotation Tag node: Traceback (most recent call last): File “” line 130, in AtrributeError: ‘Document’ object has no attribute ‘NewTag’

Thank you.


There’s a big discussion here with some successful graphs and some reasons why they fail…

Hopefully you can use a successful one :slight_smile: I’d read all the way down. If you still can’t make it work it would be best to post some stripped down files we can check…



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@Mark.Ackerley I think that is the thread I was using to base my script on but I guess I missed the solution as it didn’t seem like it had been answered at the end with someone else having the same issue. I will reread through and see if I get something out of it.

The room tag script I wrote works on the active view but not all views. I took some of that script and applied to this one but I still couldn’t get it to work.

@Mark.Ackerley I did a few more tweaks and got it to work on the active view but not all views. I am happy that I got it to work at least even if I had to click run 28 times. :rofl:

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Hi Jason,

You didn’t need to click run 28 times : A list level @L1 on the input views is enough :grinning:

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Forgive my Dynamo naiveness so instead of current active view, I just tell it to look for Level 1 and it finds all the subsequent views or just the views based on Level 1? Either way, the task is done but good to know for something else next time. Thank you @Alban_de_Chasteigner


The jargon is a bit confusing, just to check that we’re all meaning the same things… Apologies if you know this…

Levels as Alban stated, refers to list depth…
https://primer.dynamobim.org/en/06_Designing-with-Lists/6-3_lists-of-lists.html have a look at ‘List@Level Exercise’

So he grabbed all the floor plans then told the node to look 1 Level deep, and it then correctly understood the structure of the input data…

Hope that’s useful,


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