UI- Data Shape - Keep open

Hi All,
I am wondering is there any way for UI-data shape that remain open, and we do not have to run script first to see this UI?
I want this UI remains open and I just change the input and run UI. But now every time I have to run it first by dynamo player then place all input again and after run the dialog will close.
Thanks for your help

Can you post a better image of your dyn graph?

What nodes are you using for inputs?

Are you defining default input values for the UI-Data Shape Multi-Input Dialog?

This theoretically might be possible with the right looping, but it won’t actually work since a single Dynamo transaction will likely have element binding and just overwrite your previous “run”. I’d be interested to see if someone else can work around those limitations, but I’m guessing you’d be better off sticking to rerunning Player or building an add-in.


This is asking to put duplicate instances into your model, so basically be 1000% certain you want to do this as computationally pushing data into a model can do stuff like producing 5,000,000+ warnings (not a joke).

Function.Apply circumvents bindings at the moment in all Dynamo integrations I can find. Civil 3D, Revit, and everything in between.

Use it at your own risk.

Is your workflow to pick a schedule, set a file name manually, and run to export CSV/XLSX to the directory, then repeat per multiple schedules?

Perhaps try a combination of ListView and UI.DataTable instead?
It would look something like:

  • Select from list of schedules to filter down the list

  • Generate a datatable of filtered schedules with the next column allowing manual entry of filenames

  • Use UI output to batch export

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