How to re-run Data-shapes UI nodes?

Hi there!
How can I re-run my Dynamo script when I’m using data-shapes UI node for taking inputs in my graph.

I can only see the “toggle” boolean input (set to “True”) to the UI node needs to be run once in “False” mode and then in “True” mode every time I need to re-run the script.

Please suggest.


You either have to do as you describe and toggle it back and forth, or you can use it in Dynamo player.

You may also get it to update if there are nodes up stream that you change or toggle as well, but something has to change with the graph to get it to update / run the UI again.

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Thanks a lot. Dynamo Player seems to be a good option for a beginner. A bit slow at the beginning though.

Also tried with SpringsUI.Refresh node from Springs. But it seems to loop the data-shapes UI, creating one UI window for every input.

Yes, it is always slow the first time, but is usually pretty quick after that especially if you have users that don’t know dynamo. You just need to make sure the inputs are set to “Is Input” by right clicking them.

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