Tspline help

I’m really struggling with the Tspline tool.
The TsplineSurface.BuildPipes, node doesn’t seem to respond to anything I feed it, other than the radius input.

PS: is there a more comprehensive tutorial of any kind on Tspline dynamo besides the “high level introduction to t-splines”?

tspline 1.dyn (156.1 KB)
Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

Bypass the Panel.PanelQuad node, as a first step.
And do some cleaning of unnecessary nodes :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply, I’m just trying out all the different nodes for Tspline, can’t seem to find anything that explains what the input of each node does (or at least the most used ones).
my end goal is to be able to create a Zaha Hadid type of organic division of a surface.

This particular problem I encountered is that other than the defaultRadius input for the TSplineSurface.BuildPipes node, other inputs don’t seem to change the geometry in any way.
inputs like startRadii and endRadii seem intuitive, but it doesn’t do anything.

If you can be so kind, is it possible to just briefly go through what are the inputs for the TSplineSurface.BuildPipes node?
Many Thanks.

autoHandleStart and autoHandleEnd need to be set to false to activate the start and end inputs that follow

tspline.dyn (16.6 KB)


Right click the node and choose help

thank you so much.

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