T splines dynamo 1.1

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I am triying to apply the new nodes in Dynamo version 1.1 of T-Splines, but there isn´t any examples that shows how the new nodes and how this surfaces are…have anyone find something about that or could share some examples files?

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This is an early attempt. Had posted it earlier here

bicycleStation1.dyn (27.4 KB)


oH¡ Thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah…I gonna look your file and try something by my own, I will update the result…the rest @Konrad_K_Sobon, @Racel @Einar_Raknes…have u ever tried to do this kind of geometry??
Thanks a lot guys¡¡

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Thanks for the feedback. We will post some examples shortly.

Most of the Nodes remain unresolved…and y can’t i locate those nodes in library …r those part of any package ?

Hi guys¡
I have been working a little with the T splines i leave here some examples


I have some problems importing the geometry to revit. I have create a group with the red colour where is the problem.
@Vikram_Subbaiah do u know any solution for this? Sometimes export the tsplie surfaces to revit is hard :frowning:

@Kumar_Kapadia i found some problem similar to you…when u try to export the geometry…lets see if there is a solution :wink:

Have you enabled experimental nodes? :

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Not sure which version of Dynamo is implemented in Dynamo Studio.
These Experimental nodes are unlikely to be available in Dynamo Studio

Sorry, haven’t further explored T-Splines enough yet


There u can find examples of how manage t-splines…very useful i think

I have open a new topic with a problem with T-splines…i leave here the url

Hi guys¡¡ Very interesting new blog…

There u can find a lot of examples and so on…I found that because Dynamo bim Japan published on facebook this new topic, i can´t understand how DynamoBim didn´t published anything…

Thanks to @Zach_Kron and @Vikram_Subbaiah for all their time and help that they provide to us. There is also a new topic opened at the forum

so is interesting to link bouth I think

See u¡¡¡

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