Need help with Converting Tspline surfaces into edge, face, vertices etc

Hi guys, I’m currently trying to get my head around the nature of Tsplines, In dynamo solids can be deconstructed into, Topology.Face, Edge and Vertices. from there you can then turn the faces into surface etc.
But I’m having trouble turning Tspline surface into Tspline Topology, it seems like if I can get that, then I can get the Tspline edge, vertex and face and from there possibly able to manipulate the Tspline in a more controlled way.
So can someone please give me a hind (or show it quickly) how or if my line of thought would even work? I’ve looked trough all the nodes on Tspline in the library, it doesn’t seem to have a node that converts Tspline surfaces into Tspline Topology.

Follow up question, Tspline.Surface.CreaseVertices and TsplineSurface.WeldVertices, seems like interesting Nodes in fine tuning a Tspline Surface, so is there a situation where they can be used in fine tuning a Tspline surface?

tspline self formed.dyn (90.2 KB)

I know the question are kinda vague, but there are hardly any materials on Tspline Dynamo online =(
any help would be appreciated.

You don’t need to do any such thing. The TSpline Surface is the TSpline Topology

Converting to BRep and Mesh is only required while exporting your file.

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Always so helpful, I think I get it now.
right now I’m using TsplineTopology.DecomposedEdges to call out an edge of a Tspline surface, then isolated an edge using Tspline.TopologyEdgeByIndex, finally I used TsplineSurface,CreaseEdge to modify it.
Now the question, Is there a way for me to physically see the edges (in the dynamo preview) I’ve chosen using the TsplineTopology.EdgeByIndex?

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tspline self formed.dyn (60.6 KB)

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Brilliant as always.
Thanks Vikram !!

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