Path Curve tangential to the sweep profile help needed

i want to sweep a loaded profile along a path that i choose in revit. I read and so in some tutorials that i have to rotate the profile perpendicular to the line it should follow. But my script seems to be wrong because i always get the warning from my script when selecting a horizontal line. A vertical line is working. Any idea where i am stuck?
solidbysweep.dyn (46.1 KB)

Warnung:Solid.BySweep fehlgeschlagen.
Unable to update solid byWarnung:Solid.BySweep fehlgeschlagen.
Unable to update solid by sweep : PATH_TANGENT – Path Curve tangential to the sweep profile sweep : PATH_TANGENT – Path Curve tangential to the sweep profile

Try using a geometry.Transform method to push the profile geometry into position on the coordinate system pulled from the path. Otherwise the rotation angle will need to be dynamic relative to the direction of the path.

Thanks a lot jacob, but i can´t get it to work.
Can you create an example perhaps or get my code running? Or do you have a hint for a tutorial on doing this?
Thanks in advance!

  1. Instead of Curve.PlaneAtParameter, use a Curve.CoordinateSystemAtParameter.
  2. Use a Geometry.Transform node to push the profile curves to the the Resulting coordinate system.
  3. Use the transformer curves as the profile for the Solid.BySweep node.

Thanks, i´ll give it a try Jacob.
Sorry as a Beginner to Dynamo it is a bit confusing

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It can take some time but once you get it things will click quite quickly. Just running someone else’s graph or rebuilding graphs from images on the web won’t take you very far though - there has to be some degree of trial and error to get the good growth.

Thanks a lot i think that was the trick :slight_smile:

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