Trying to filter parameters to a set of specific set of yes/no parameters

Hi, I’ve been working on creating a script that finds a specific set of drafting views and matches that set of details with the corresponding view parameters. In other words, if detail 001 is part of Set A, in the script, I can filter to that parameter value which would also be Set A.

Once those are matched, it proceeds with the next steps. Currently I am stuck on the filtering of the sets (Element.Parameters) and the next one I am stuck on is then having a check/verify to make sure that detail 001/Set A matches the parameter value Set A.

The ultimate goal is to be able to either keep or delete a Set of details based on a selection.

Hi @edbordenave ,
It’s hard to tell what’s happening since we are unable to see your nodes.
Please repost the entire graph by zooming in on one node and use the export as image feature (looks like a camera, at the top-right corner of Dynamo window).
Don’t worry, although you are zooming in on one node but the whole graph would be exported.

I edited my previous message with the updated image

What are the Parameters that you would be using to filter out your views?
One parameter I see is WOOD-5A-GENERAL, what are the other parameters?

there’s a pretty long list but they all follow a similar naming convention, they start off with the material, then construction type and then use of the detail which would define its sub-category.


Is this what you are trying to do?

If not, please explain it in some form like this where we can know what you are trying to do.

this is very much on the right track, the parameter values have already been set manually. I’ve sort of gotten to the next step since this morning:

I can try to set it up like your diagram above, it will be a few minutes though.

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Here you go, this should help you out

FilterDraftingViews.dyn (16.6 KB)

awesome! Thank you @AmolShah

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