Filtering specific parameter from List.Sort Node

I created this script to turn on / off family parameters from my title block. Right now the script turns all my Yes/No parameters on and off. I would like to be more selective and apply the script to the parameters named (Building # ).
Is there a way to filter just my Building parameters shown in the List.Sort Node???

Please help!!!



Try converting your list of parameters to a string list then use the StringContains and FilterByBoolMask to filter your building parameters.

Good luck


Hello Renzo,
I successfully converted my list to a string and I was able to filter one of the parameters.
This is what the script looks like now.

Now I’m trying to filter two parameters at the same time.

Circled shows the parameters I would like to filter at the same time.
I tried typing using this in the code node: {“North”,“Graphic Scale”}. But no luck.!


Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.


i cannot open your image could you please reload?


I am not able to see your image but you can use following nodes for filter.

also check following discussion.