Create annotation tag gets no return

Hello Guys,

I am using the “Create Annotation Tag” node from the Archi Lab package to tag some specific types of wall. No error comes out, however no result comes out as well. It shows “null” from the output. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong here?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Shuqi,

Which Dynamo version your using? I suggest you use latest Dynamo version 1.0.

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Also that looks like a very old version of the Tag node. Consider updating to the latest version of Archi-lab.

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Hi Kulkul,

Thanks for the reply. The Dynamo version is the latest, however the archi-lab is out-of-date. After updating and reconnecting the nodes, it works!

Thank you! It is out-of-date. After updating the package, it works now. :grin:

Does everybody know what I am doing wrong? used last dynamo version and revit 2017 - and this dynamo script doesnt work…still run dynamo and than I do only shut down revit a dynamo.

Hello, I have been trying to place the label in the columns by placing an offset to its location, but it turns out that my columns have very variable dimensions in the “Y” coordinate, which means that in the large columns they are placed over them. I have the idea of getting the dimension of each column in “Y”, and at that value add the offset, but I do not know how to do it, any idea.