Can not use the "Create Annotation Tag"

Use dynamo1.3

I want to do the door and window annotation Tag
But can not use the “Create Annotation Tag”

What is the reason or is there any other node?

Expect to be helpful, thank you

The node you want to use is for an earlier version of Dynamo, meaning it can be used the current version.

For alternatives I’m not too sure; normally searching for what you want in the packages works for me.

Thank you for your reply

Currently using revit 2016

That if i want to revit all items in the revit, what nodes should i use in dynamo?1

For tagging, I use “Tag.ByElementAndOffset”

Example of use below:

Thank you for your reply

Would like to ask why there is no C3 label in revit未命名

Make sure the Tag is being produced in dynamo by looking at the output. If its being produced it could be a problem with the Revit view templates.

A good way to look at it, is using select in Revit node from spring package (Image below ) This will select the tag in revit and you can what might be going wrong with it,

If you can’t get the package for whatever reason, if you can select the tag by using select by ID and type in the Tag ID ( Shown in the Green tax for the output of the create tag node )



Thanks for your reply, the problem is resolved

No Problem!

Might be worth marking what part gave you the solution to help others that have similar problems.