Trouble to Install BVN Package Please Help

I’m trying to install the BVN Packadge and an error mesage apears.

Usually when I install some other packages like Bakery some message pops up and automaticly uninstall other packages like archui-lab, then when i restart dynamo and try again to reinstall it remembers the uninstalled packadges and reinstall’s them. But this is not the case.

Should I uninstall the steamNodes manually in order to get the BVN packadge?

I’ve got the latest Dynnamo version 1.1.0 2094, revit 2016 r2

Please help.

Try downloading the zip from, unzip and place in the appdata location.

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Thanks John for the quick tip, it worked !!! did missed the icons but I’ve got the nodes on the menus.

Seams to be working


Icons should come back after Revit restart too.

No they didn’t come up. I’ve Restart twice.

Uploading… What I did was extract all the files and put them on a folder windows named BVN, that is on a specific location that I’ve created for all the downloaded packadges. Please see the picture an tell if it’s ok.

Sorry this image didnt upload

That should do it, did you copy the bin folder as well with the packageCustomization.dll file?

Yes John I did, but still no Icons. I read now that the latest version of BVN package may not be 100% compatible with the latest version of Dynamo.