Trimming two curves to extrude the surface

Hi there,

I’m finding out a solution to automate the architecture analysis over the urban restrictions.

I’m making my firsts steps on Dynamo so probably I will be full of rookie mistakes.

I’ve got only two elements in Revit, one of them is the boundary of the plot and the other is a Mass which represents the neighbours buildings. The urban check I want to test is the offset to the boundaries, which in some cases it is different from public to private boundaries.

So I’ve created a Dynamo routine which creates me two differents offsets, But I want to intersect these two lines and extrude the surface that rest inside of them. Hope the picture help you guys to understand what I’m looking for.

My idea was to trim the lines with “Curve.TrimInteriorByParameter” (Previously I’ve found the parameters through the intersect points between two lines), but there is a warning with the node which says “Param Trim Interior Not Implemented”.

Yellow line= represent offset to private boundary
Green line= represent offset to public boundary
Blue surface= represent the area I want to extrude

Does anybody know how to fix the warning or have you any other routine which would be better than mine?


Share your dyn and rvt files, we’ll try to help.


Hi Vladimir, thanks for your attention. I’m not allowed yet to upload files to my topic. However, here you I leave you a direct download link with the files.


Can’t access. You’ll need to change the sharing option to Public

I think it must works now! thanks

Here is one possible approach. You can do this in multiple ways though

01.dyn (47.8 KB)
Uploading your Revit file too
Basis_File.rvt (3.9 MB)

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I’m absolutely fascinated about your routine, that’s really works and that what I was looking for! Thank you a lot for the helping!

It seems to be better works with polycurves instead of curves, do you think so?

I’m going to continue developing the routine trying to cap the restrictions with the height…

Best regards Vladimir and Vikram!!

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