How to trim curves


I am extruding a set of lines to a certain distance and if they hit an obstacle, the geometry, intersect will give you points of intersection. I eventually want to achieve making that red area by connecting all the points.

I’ve been having a problem getting a set of P1 and P2 lines for some reason.
I thought I could just trim the lines that are beyond the obstacle and just connect all the points - however, not as easy.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time in advance.

You might be better off creating a surface and trimming that. It can be tricky to specify the order of points when creating an unknown polygon.


thank you Nick,

that would also make sense. Then do I make a surface by using P1s and P2s then use Geometry.Trim node to trim it?

Not sure how I would be able to make a surface with two lines of points.

thank you in advance.

I would create a rectangle. It’s hard to say what the best way would be in your situation since I don’t know how you’re getting those points to begin with, but there are many options.

thank you

which node is the most effective when I want to trim a surface with a curve?
I tried everything that I could find but no luck :frowning:

You’re completely missing an input. You have to specify a point to determine which section to erase when trimming. Also be sure that your trimming curve is a singular curve or polycurve.