Trim Family instance by another void family

Dear All,
I have been trying to find the right package or nodes to trim/ cut the family instances with the orange coloured family instance, which is set up as a void. Are you aware of a method or the right nodes to do so? in my current script I have only placed the family instances, therefore it is not part of the post.

Thanks for your input.

How would you trim these with regular Revit?

Perhaps I would use the cut geometry tool under the Modify tab. But this would only remove the intersection between both family types. I actually haven’t found the right tool even within Revit. Therefore I was hoping to accomplish it with Dynamo.

Try using that cut tool and see what happens. Or explains the void to encompass all of the ends. I don’t know that you will get the results you’re after either way. And of Revit is missing tools to do something then Dynamo can’t fall in the tools to do it either.

Your best bet may be to utilize the a void extrication with a flexible end to control the start of the void from the ‘fixed’ end based on a distance to the void in your project which can then become a line or other object. Dynamo can read those distances but you need to set the family up to have that first.

In terms of what you explain in your second paragraph, is there an example you could point me to? It sounds interesting but a little abstract at the moment.

It’s family creation stuff at first. I don’t have an example but you can likely google something. Try your first idea before you get started. We could be surprised.

The “cut” tool works manually, but since I will have a large number of elements, I would prefer to solve this issue by a script. Since I can get the geometry of a family, I could also use a node which trims solids by one or multiple solids. Is there a node or a script available which allows me to trim solids?

@PAnand do you mind uploading some sample files to test? You could get the geometry of your elements and then manipulate them as Dynamo geometry objects, then replace them in Revit as forms. You would lose the association with the family, however, and be limited with editing afterward

Also cutting is an option via nodes. I want to say hotgear package but can’t be sure.

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Thanks @awilliams,
my file currently only contains two family types.
Thanks for the suggestion, however I want the elements to stay as family objects, because they have certain features and parameters which are essential. The family type will also be changing in future, therefore the association with the family type after trimming is critical.

Hi, i have read your post but don’t understand if a answers has been found ?!

Thx for your reply, i have the same problem.