Transposing? How to get the list to match

i’m trying to match the items like i show above. so that all the 0 are on one list, all the 1 on another and so one and so forth. i mean 0 at lvl 1. in this example:
0 - 427619
0 - ducts
0 - test

and so on. I hope this makes sense. I know that typically the transpose list node does this but it just undoes what it did previously.

My goal is to export to excel and i need the list in excel to be vertical (by row) and not horizontal (by column).

So far i have it by row but i can’t seem to have the values show up as i marked it above.

Thank you for the help and spending time training this old fool.

I’m not sure I quite understand the final structure you’re going for but try playing around with list levels. I think you should be able to get what you want. It may take multiple transposes though.

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Excel exports typically require a @L3 deep list structure (rows + columns).

Does your workflow require that you have these subgroupings? Or to say it another way, can your 6-digit numbers (and also your duct elements, and also your text) be done in a list of 9 versus having three sublists?

If so, you can flatten the list @L3 before transposing.

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Thanks for the help @Nick_Boyts, i went ahead and just placed more list.transpose nodes and after messing with the levels it worked.

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