Problems with Excel ?!


i cant export my data from revit in columns , all must be in row , isn’t that what List.Transpose do ? need help on that guys , real thanks


Can you put a watch node on the list.create node? Your data may have already been in the right structure, and the list.transpose would put it in the opposite structure in this case.

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Not to worry! Just delete the List.Transpose node and let me know if it helped you. If that does not work out, try to interchange the Item0 and Item1 in the List.create node. Hope it helps you. Happy to help!

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i tried to delete the List.Transpose it was a chaos
But i tried to remove the List.Create and tried to do it for 1 Category it worked fine , But i need to do that for 7 Elements , is there any other thing to do ? lots of thanks

It’s probably because your overWrite input is defaulting to false. You need to allow the script to overwrite the existing data. Try making the input true and see if that helps.