Query of Data Lost after List.Transpose

Hi Everyone, I tried to create a joined list and transpose it for excel export. But I find one of the data column is lost after list.transpose. Does anyone have the same issue before? and if yes, may I know how do you resolve it?


Have you tried changing the list lacings?

Hi Daan, both data to item 0 & 1 are sorted and the script need to combine both data to excel. May I know which part of the lacing that you suggest to change? Thanks

You have an equal number of items (2772) in both lists. I am not sure you have lost anything as a result.

Try building a list with matching structure but less size, and it may be clearer to ID where your data is being moved to. The for index of [9][22] should be at [22][9] after transposing.

To confirm nothing is lost you could also convert all data to a string, then append a unique number in front of each string, then transpose the data. Flatten both data sets and sort them. The result should be equal.

Hi Jacob, thank you for your advice and I am trying it.

The number of item (2772) are similar, but under column 21, the data is gone after it transpose. (That’s the issue I am facing now).


Can you better explain or show what your list structure looks like? List.Transpose is only going to transpose the top level list structure which may not be what you’re expecting.

Use a List.GetItemAtIndex to get all items at index 21 using @L2 for the list input. See if that lists matches the data in the transpose node.


@jacob.small wouldn’t you check at L3 since there’s no lacing on the transpose node?

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Hi Everyone, I find it is not the problem about the List.Transpose in the script. It is because I put the wrong parameter name from the excel to read the sheet parameter. It has been resolved now and sorry for making this post.

Thank you and appreciate your response.


I didn’t notice how deep the list was, but yes the @L would want to be the level one below the one which Transpose is working on.