Dynamo export excel (change col to row)

What should I do?

It’s like this now

second picture is the format I want
What should be modified to make it look like a second picture?

Hi @chanob9104

Add List.Create to get the format which you want:



If you want to change column to row or vice-versa the data before exporting to excel. You can always use the List.Transpose node.


@blsalvio List.Transpose works if you have more than 1 list. In his case he has only 1 list.

Hi Kulkul,

If you check the output list (the output of the node before going to the Data.ExportExcel), it is not a [1,2,3] (1D) formatted list, it is [[1],[2],[3]] (2D). List.Transpose will work on that.


My bad, I was looking at the output of the Data.ExportExcel.

I have a question. How could I set up the script to count the elements with the same especification rather than repeating it in the list?