Export to Excel, Rows to Columns

Hello all,
I am trying to Export some data to Excel but I run into the problem that I cannot get the rows to columns.
I want 5 Excel sheets (1A to 1G) containing 3 columns of data (the sublists).
Who has the solution for me?

Thanks in advance!


You need to use List Levels to specify the sublist of data inputs (@L3) that correspond with each sheet name (@L1).

Thanks for the response @Nick_Boyts Nick, but also with the adjustment in the levels I get the same result in Excel.

If you want columns you’ll have to transpose your data. Each sublist represents a row in excel.

I have already transposed the list for the Excel data node. Do I have to transpose it again?

It’s not in the right format though, so I’m guessing you didn’t need to transpose. Or you need to transpose again with list levels. Either way it’s about getting the correct format requirements for excel.

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I have already tried that but it does not give the result what I am looking for. I feel like I have already tried everything but I am missing something.

Can you include screenshots so we know what you’re doing?


Thanks Nick!